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Before I started, I listed out all the little annoyances that I wanted to address, such as the disaster of a serving cabinet, measuring cups not being convenient to where we use them, and the stand mixer attachments not having a set home.

To customize this project to your own space, I’d recommend keeping a little notepad in the kitchen. Over a few days of cooking, jot down all the things that could work better for you.

I don’t have before pictures of everything, but I wasn’t kidding about the serving cabinet situation. Anyone else in this same boat?

BEFORE: Kitchen cabinet organization ideas from


Before I started emptying out cabinets, I made a new plan for what made the most sense to be stored in each section.

This will be your next step when after your problem list is finished.

It seems obvious in retrospect, but I realized that everything we need for preparing food should be in the zone between the stove and sink.

Things for serving and storing food could then be together on the secondary wall with the fridge.

Organize Kitchen CabinetsThe cups have always been next to the fridge, so it made perfect sense for the plates and bowls to join them. Imagine that, everything together!

The “pretty” dishes went in the center cabinet, and plastic items got a new home in the cabinet closest to the window. That’s the same cabinet that used to hold the mixing bowls and measuring cups/spoons.White kitchen with aqua accents, dark island, and granite

The section below the cups was previously for small kitchen appliances. You’ll see where they ended up in a moment, but this cabinet is now the perfect Rubbermaid container space.

No more messy Tupperware! Love these kitchen organization ideas from

I added a storage drawerOrganize Kitchen Cabinets for the smaller containers and stacked the larger ones on top.

Over the past few years, I’ve switched to using these Rubbermaid containers with stackable lids. They are almost life-changing and completely affordable on Amazon.  The glass ones are a little pricier, but not outrageous.

Get rid of your mismatched containers via donation or garage sale and use the stacking lid versions. It’s a small change that makes dinner clean up much more pleasant!

No more messy Tupperware! Love these kitchen organization ideas from

That takes care of the storage bins, but what about storage bags and wrap? A utensil organizer placed in a drawer is the perfect solution!
Use a utensil holder for plastic bags and wrap

Ready to see what the former servingware CABINET OF DOOM looks like now?

I used four dish pans (even cheaper in store at Target) and separated the contents of the cabinet into groups. It isn’t my prettiest organizing project ever, but holy cow, I can find everything I need!

I even came up with an assortment of mexican food items that had been in three different cabinets for one of the bins.

Holiday specific items were moved into the cabinet above the fridge, and a pile of items we never use went to the garage sale box. SO MUCH BETTER.
Kitchen cabinet organization ideas from

Moving to the other wall, all the mixing bowls and strainers went to the cabinet that previously held our plates and bowls. The cooking items like oils and seasonings stayed in the same cabinet, but I did take every one of them out so I could clean the shelves.

I also checked expiration dates and found a disturbing number of items best by 2019. Wow.

While I had everything out of the cabinets, I moved the middle and top shelves down to better suit my height, or lack of it! I’m 5’4″ and the shelves must have originally been installed by an NBA star.

Don’t miss adjusting the height of your shelves as needed if possible in your space!

Kitchen cabinet organization ideas from

Since I dream of marble counters, but don’t want to pay to replace all the granite, I found a little marble lazy susan at World Market. 

It’s perfect for daily use items like the salt & paper shakers and olive oil. Since I’ve never committed to a paper towel holder, they look so much better sitting on marble than they did randomly placed on the counter.

Use a lazy susan to group commonly used cooking supplies. See more kitchen organizing ideas at

Update: This is STILL one of my favorite additions to the kitchen and one we use daily! For under $20, the individual items look so good grouped together.  

Under this section, I added a cabinet door shelf  to hold the measuring cups and spoons. I’m beyond excited that they now have one set home and in a location that makes sense!

Update – I still love having these items on the door, but the organizer I used is open on the sides and things fall out more often than I would like. I might replace them with this version. Also, this option is perfect if you are renting. 

Don't overlook cabinet doors when organizing a kitchen. Inexpensive wire shelves are great for measuring cups and spoons! See more kitchen organizing at

The inside of the measuring device cabinet holds all the baking dishes (cookie sheets are above the microwave).

I wish I had a picture of this cabinet before, because the turkey roaster was front and center. Which made no sense since we only use it once or twice a year.

Now my clear Pyrex dishes that we use all the time are the easiest thing to grab. I was also able to make room for the casserole dishes that were previously buried in the disaster cabinet.

Adding a pan organizer and shelf basket helped maximize the storage in this small cabinet.
How to organize kitchen cabinets

On the other side of the stove, the spices live in the drawer, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Even when we had limited drawer space at our prior house, I found a way to make a drawer for spices. It’s just so much easier to see them all at once.  If you absolutely don’t have drawer space, I’d use something like this cabinet door/wall rack so they could all be vertical.

spices in drawer

All the details on the spice drawer organization can be found here.

Below the spices, I solved another big problem. What the heck do you all do with mixer attachments?

I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer, but the attachments are bulky and we never seemed to put them in the same spot. It was more of a “wherever we can shove them” scenario, which wasn’t the best when we needed to use them the next time.

Now they live in a door-mounted rack right below the mixer. Imagine that! And the extra food processor blade is now in the same cabinet as the food processor. Insanity!Don't overlook cabinet doors when organizing a kitchen. Inexpensive wire shelves are great for bulky kitchen accessories like KitchenAid mixer attachments! See more kitchen organizing at

And then there was the crown jewel, which prompted all this organizing in the first place. With the plastic containers in their new home, I finally had room to install an under cabinet trash can!

In a moment of partial frugality and partial stubbornness, we refused to pay an outrageous price for the builder to install the pull-out trash bins. I think their price was something over 4 times what it should have cost. We asked them to leave the cabinet without a shelf so we could buy and install the trash cans ourselves, but four years later we hadn’t done it. Whoops.

Who knew that it was going to be so easy to actually install them?

I used the Rev-A-Shelf 35 qt double bins  and was able to install them myself while Corey was at work. The whole thing installs with only four screws and I was pretty shocked I was able to do it on my own in under 30 minutes.

Add a pull out trash station with only four screws!

On top of the dog issues, the trash can was never convenient when we were cooking. Now, it’s right below the prep space. Handy!